Illegal practices by money lenders in Singapore

by in Uncategorized April 1, 2023


If we talk about licensed moneylenders, beware of them. Some lenders threaten to report you to the police if you don’t pay. Some may demand extra money or keep your papers until you pay. These behaviors are unacceptable. If you’re in this circumstance, notify the lender to the authorities—they’ll aid and punish the lender for their unlawful conduct.


Lending to those who are in debt might be a seductive option. They provide instant cash, which is a tempting promise for many individuals. Many borrowers are unaware that money lenders often use unethical tactics including intimidation and threats. In certain instances, they resort to violence to recover their money. Knowing your rights and the dangers of borrowing from financial institutions is essential if you chose to do so. It’s preferable to avoid unlawful choices as there are plenty of legitimate ones.


Nobody should ever experience the abuse and intimidation that Singaporean money lenders inflict onto their clients. It’s bad. These lenders will call debtors late at night, show up at their homes and workplaces, and even threaten physical violence to get their money back. I call it extortion. And it has to end.


You’ve undoubtedly heard about the many criminal activities that Singaporean money lenders take part in. things as extortion, assault, and intimidation. It’s awful and has become worse over time. Customers may think they are exempt. You’re not. Money lenders are becoming more inventive in their approaches and aren’t hesitant to prey on anybody, regardless of how weak they may be.Never borrow from these sharks since they may take your money. Trustworthy loan institutions are ready to help you. So, avoid moneylenders as they may cost you a lot of money.

How Can These Practices Be Stopped?

Hence, how can Singapore’s money lenders avoid these illegal practices? Choices exist. The government may tighten money lending restrictions first. This will assist in ensuring that money lenders adhere to the law and don’t engage in any unlawful activities. Second, the government may raise public awareness and educate people more about the choices accessible to those who are in debt. People will be better able to comprehend their alternatives and legal rights thanks to this. Lastly, the government can help those who are having financial difficulties more. Programs that provide debt relief or aid in financial recovery may fall under this category.